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4,0-) Small quantities of spirit are added and kept boiling until
út solution is obtained. A small quantity of impurity may remain
^ndissolved. The hot solution is at once decanted or filtered


FIG. 41.

tlirough a fluted filter (Fig. 41)  or hot water funnel (Fig. 4-)
irxto a beaker and allowed to cool.

A flitted filter is made by first folding a large circular filter
paper in the ordinary way. It is then half opened out and the
t\vo quadrants folded towards the middle line (see a, Fig. 41),
This makes three creases with the hollows on the same side.
IT he filter is now turned over and each section folded down the

FIG. 42.

centre so that the hollows of the four new creases alternate
Avith the ridges of the three others as shown at b. The paper
w-lien opened now appears like c. The two rectangular flutings
Indicated by an asterisk have still to be divided by a crease